First Trailer for Evil Dead Reboot: Behold the New Necronomicon!

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Here's your first taste of the brand new, super dark Evil Dead reboot. If it's good enough for producers Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, is it good enough for you? Do you like the gory green Saw-esque tint? It certainly does make all the blood pop on screen. Directed by Fede Alvarez, this new movie has the original team's blessing — but does it have yours?



I have something embarrassing to admit...

I've loved horror movies all my life and never seen Evil Dead. I've seen almost every ridiculous horror franchise of the 80's and 90's but somehow I've never got around to seeing it.

Was it an actual scary movie or was it something along the lines of Cabin in the Woods where it's a new story that pokes fun at the genre? I hear people talk about Evil Dead like it's a joke/comedy, although maybe It's just a cultural thing I don't get because I haven't seen it.