Douglas Trumbull, director of Silent Running and Special Effects Supervisor for 2001: A Space Odyssey, is readying a documentary about his time with Stanley Kubrick. The detail in this undertaking is amazing. The filmmakers are literally crawling into never-before-seen-images. Watch.

The project is titled Beyond the Infinite The Making of A Masterpiece which Trumbull is co-directing with David Larson. Here's the official synopsis:

A documentary that really tells the story of the making of 2001, not just the technical story but the human story, the personal story, the experiences of people who interacted with Kubrick that is really true to the style and look of 2001: A Space Odyssey.


To get a taste of just how deep this documentary could go, head over to Trumbull's website and you can see plenty of clips dissecting Silent Running, Star Trek and, of course,2001: A Space Odyssey . The blueprints to the Jupiter Machine, designed and created by Trumbull for 2001, are worth your time alone. Here's a little snap shot:

It looks like Larson and Trumbull are leaving no space rock unturned on this venture, and we're sure the movie will be better for it. We're already pretty excited, and can't wait to see more. We're not sure if this project will be released on its own, or be included in the up-and-coming Stanley Kubrick Blu-ray Collection. Hopefully, both.


[via Bleeding Cool]