First Trailer for Daniel Craig's Creepy Film Dream House

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When a "haunted house" movie stars Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts and is directed by My Left Foot's Jim Sheridan, you can expect more than just your standard old horror movie. But exactly what is going on here?

Honestly, we're not completely sure. The trailer gives away one hell of a huge twist for the film, but we'll go ahead and hope that that's just the beginning of what the film has in store. All we know is that this movie features some combination of gruesome murders, mental hospitals, reality being shattered, a bunch of possible ghosts, three excellent lead actors, and a pair of adorable - or, quite possibly, adorably creepy - little girls. So yeah, consider us intrigued. Dream House opens September 30, 2011.

Via Very Aware.

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Hey, people, you know, trailer often lie, spoil and all that, but one thing they rarely, rarely do is give away the twist when the movie hinges on it. That would necessitate a degree of stupid even the worst studio executive is not able of. So if the twist is in the trailer, then it's because it's not the twist - it's the premise. I actually want to see this movie BECAUSE there is the twist in the trailer.

"Family buys a new house that is haunted because it was the site of gruesome murder before" is an old and tired plot I've seen a hundred times. "Family Man buys a new house, is confronted with the fact that what he loves the most in life, i.e. his family, might not be real, and must discover who he really his" is a fresh plot I haven't seen before, or at least not a lot.