First Trailer for Abel Ferrara's Answer to Melancholia

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We seem to have reached the "slow apocalypse" era in full force, what with Melancholia, the new Perfect Sense, and now Abel Ferrara's 4:44: Last Day on Earth. The original Bad Lieutenant director tells the story of a night when everybody knows the world is ending at 4:44 AM East Coast time, and people have to make peace with the end of everything.


This movie already screened at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, so we can tell you that it's a very, very slow burn in which basically nothing much happens. But nothing happening with Willem Dafoe is probably better than nothing happening with anybody else.

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If this were true... The world would consume itself.

I imagine billions of people rioting, killing, committing suicide, and other reckless behavior. Humans would destroy this world early if we knew the exact "END" date.