First Trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire Delivers Hot, Sweaty Action

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Those 300 scantily-clad soldiers from 300 may be dead, but luckily Lena Heady is still alive and SHE WANTS BLOOD. Plus the scary super-tall King Xerxes from 300 is also still alive, and his greatest warrior WANTS BLOOD TOO.

Prepare for more slo-mo fighting, giant-mouthed yelling, men in tiny metal underwear, and seriously badass sword scenes in this sequel to the movie that spawned a thousand memes.

What is the plot of this movie? Something about Greece? I don't know, but the trailer looks seriously rad. Except please — always cut AWAY from yourself when using a sword to sharpen a tree.

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Gonzo the Something

This is a historical depiction of Xerxes I.

He was from a line of Persian rulers noted for their religious tolerance, in particular of the Jews.

in other words, Frank Miller is an asshole.