First track from the Game of Thrones rap album is actually pretty good

Yesterday, we told you that HBO was releasing an album of rap songs inspired by Game of Thrones, and we had a nice chuckle at the incongruity of it all. But now HBO has released the first song from said album — "King Slayer" by Wale — and damn if it isn't kind of awesome. Listen to it here!


Not bad, right? Anyways, here's Catch the Throne's full track list:

1. Big Boi – "Mother of Dragons"
2. Magazeen – "Iron Throne"
3. Bodega Bamz – "Win or Die"
4. Kilo Kish – "Magical Reality"
5. Daddy Yankee – "Born to Rule"
6. Dominik Omega – "Arya's Prayer"
7. Snow – "Fire"
8. Dee Goodz – "The Parallel"
9. Common – "Interlude/The Ladder"
10. Wale – "King Slayer"

I was really hoping that Robert Baratheon might do a cover of "Big Poppa," but these sound pretty good too. Remember, the album comes out for free on Friday the 7th!

[Via Winter Is Coming]


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