First (tiny) look at X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s Bishop and more

Illustration for article titled First (tiny) look at emX-Men: Days of Future Past/em‘s Bishop and more

The time-traveling mutant has finally arrived! Here's the first look at Bishop (upper-lefthand corner), played by Omar Sy — it's admittedly a pretty small picture, but you can still tell they took his dreadlocked hair and eye-mark right out of the comics.


As for the others (going clockwise from Bishop), that's Colossus, Professor X, Havok, Magneto, and old man Wolverine (note the gray in his hair). I'm not sure what the Professor, Pietr and Magneto are wearing — armor? Futuristic X-uniforms? Fetish wear? — or if they're supposed to be modern/present or things they only wear in the dark, Sentinel-infested future. I'm leaning toward the latter. Thoughts?

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The Beast picture they have is similar to the one in First Class. Other set pictures show him with a different look: