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We've had teasers for a while, but the first trailer for Thunderbirds Are Go!, ITV's remake of the classic British puppet series Thunderbirds is here — and it's packed with beautiful practical models, slightly creepy CG people, and plenty of nods and winks to the classic works of Gerry Anderson. Check it out!


The new show's combination of CG characters and ships with beautiful physical sets crafted by WETA Workshop blends really well. And although they can never be quite so chilling as their puppet originals, the human characters of the show still look really quite creepy. But still, look at all that Thunderbirds action! Explosions! Space! People falling out of the sky! Lady Penelope's bright pink flying Rolls Royce! Lovely stuff.

As much as it is about the newness of the series, the trailer itself is packed with some wonderful nostalgia for fans of the original show. As someone who grew up watching Thunderbirds re-runs like there was no tomorrow, hearing the original narrator from the original intro count down the five Thunderbirds was pretty great.


Thunderbirds Are Go! will air in the UK this spring.

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