First Teensy Look At Firestorm's Superhero Duds On The Flash

Curious as to what the newest addition in DC's superheroic TV universe will be wearing in 2015? Here's the first (incredibly tiny) photo of Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond what will be his official Firestorm uniform.



You'll note the symbols/lights on his chest, which match with Firestorm's current comic outfit exactly. Until I saw this picture, I hadn't realized I've never seen Firestorm in his uniform without his head being on fire. It's kind of weird, but I suppose I'd better get used to it — I'm guessing Robbie Amell's head is frequently going to be unlit, given the show's budget. Best save the flaming heads for when they really need them.

At any rate, even in this tiny glimpse, it's a much better look than The Flammable Hobo we saw earlier this week in the mid-season finale.


[Via Comic Book Resources]

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