First Teaser Trailer For The Leftovers Shows Life After The Rapture

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Here it is, the very first look at Damon Lindelof's TV adaptation of after-the-Rapture book The Leftovers. So far, so good.


What happens when all your friends, family, and loved ones are sent into heaven, leaving you behind? That is the premise for Tom Perrotta's (Election) book, which he and Lindelof have adapted into a TV series for HBO. Fingers crossed Lindelof doesn't go wildly off-book, but he probably won't since he had Perrotta around to keep him in check. Very, very excited about this series.

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Ooh. . . does this rapture book take all the fundamentalists? Or just the really nice people who also happen to drew the right random birth religion?

Because if it's the second then it sounds like we've got a creator who's a bit of an asshat, and I can't really respect that sort of thing.

But if it's the first and all the fundies are gone?

That sounds like heaven here on Earth!

Admittedly, it's probably not much of a sell to make a movie where everything goes okay, is it?