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First teaser trailer for Ron D. Moore's Helix is a snowy horror show

Ron D. Moore is returning to Syfy with his Arctic horror show Helix. The series revolves around an isolated research facility that stumbles upon a deadly virus. Here is the very first teaser trailer that debuted at the Syfy Upfronts presentation. Watch!


Obviously, this is all just teaser concept art dreamed up for the big Syfy Upfront show, but we just have to point out that this looks like a darker Virtuality, doesn't it? We wonder if Helix will be channeling the dark, dirty look of BSG or the pristine white science lab of Virtuality... or maybe it will be neither. It's too early to tell now, but either way YAY RDM making TV again!

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I love it when pop culture bends to my whims. About six months ago, I thought "man, I could really go for some Arctic horror," and since then this show, Snowpiercer, and that Laurence Fishburne movie are coming up, and AMC announces a series adapting The Terror is in the works (Also Dead Space 3, I guess). Am I a wizard?!