Superjail!, the most messed-up cartoon on Adult Swim is back — and we've got one of the first clips, featuring everyone's favorite warden, voiced by David Wain. The new season promises double the amount deranged murders, and even more Jailbot!


On Sunday, April 3rd, Superjail! will be back with even more violence and lunacy. The talent behind this project is immense. Wain has returned to voice the warden, the executive producers are Christy Karacas (Cartoon Sushi), Stephen Warbrick (Beavis & Butthead, Daria) and Chris McCulloch (The Venture Bros.) is a consulting producer.

For those of you unaware of this cartoon, it's set in a psychedelic prison run by a nut-job warden and staffed by a series of violent robots. And that's just the tip of the insane iceberg.


Here's a little taste from an earlier season if you want more.

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