First Supercute Trailer for Seth Green's Secret Star Wars TV Show!

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We've been waiting forever for the first hint as to what the minds behind Robot Chicken had been cooking for their secret new Star Wars-centric Cartoon Network show. But now Seth Green and Matthew Senreich have released a trailer for the new series, officially titled Star Wars: Detours, and it's pretty darn cute.

It looks like they got Daniel Smith from "The Solo Adventures" on board. Also, don't expect this to get super-sexual or gross (as some Robot Chicken episodes tend to do) because this is on regular Cartoon Network rather than Adult Swim — so it's gotta be safe for the kiddies. But at least it's got Seth MacFarlane returning to voice the Emperor!


[via g4tv]

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James Whitbrook

I love the look of this! Not at all what I was expecting when this was first announced. The jokes weren't too bad, either. I must admit the Ackbar one got me chuckling pretty good though, 'it's a trap' jokes are my weak point!