First Rumors Of Avatar 2's Actual Plot, Plus Bill Nighy's Casting Confirms A Doctor Who Plot Twist

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There's a rumor about Avatar 2's story, even as a Mad Max rumor is debunked. And Bill Nighy joins Doctor Who in a spoilery role. Terry O'Quinn spills Lost info. And Fringe will be heart-breaking. Plus Wolfman and Caprica spoilers.


Avatar 2:

The inevitable sequel will be a huge war movie, with war breaking out early on in the film. And it'll be made within four years, say unnamed sources. [MarketSaw]

Mad Max: Fury Road:

Remember yesterday's rumor that Patrick Stewart was joining this movie's cast? Stewart's rep has denied it already. [MTV]

The Wolfman:

Here's some behind-the-scenes "B-roll" from this upcoming man-into-wolf transformation film:

And a new featurette where Del Toro talks all things Wolfman. [Yahoo! Movies via ShockTillYouDrop]


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Terry O'Quinn has a scene coming up where he does a lot of storytelling and "history lessons" about the Island. And it's significant that he's wearing a black shirt in the interview — meaning, I guess, that Flocke really is a baddie. And Flocke doesn't have much good to say about the real John Locke.
Also, according to Matthew Fox, we'll get some resolution on the fact that Claire and Jack are related — implying that they'll find out about their family ties. And when we meet the new Big Bad, we'll see that Ben is a little puppy in comparison. [E! Online]


Here's some set video that was being filmed while episode 6x03 was being filmed, or thereabouts. [Youtube via SpoilersLost]

Jacob is definitely dead, say Lindelof and Cuse. And even though you'll find yourself taking sides at the start of the season, that doesn't mean you won't switch sides later on in the season as you learn what's going on. [TV Guide]


A new promo makes it clear that when Sawyer falls off a cliff, he's holding a rope or a ladder and will be fine. [The ODI]

And here are a few screncaps from that promo. [SpoilersLost]

In the second hour of tonight's two-hour premiere, sources say that Jack and the others head to the temple to try and save Sayid. And in the "landed safely" world, Jack is called to the courtesy desk where they say the airline somehow misplaced Jack's father's coffin, and it wasn't on the plane for some reason. [SpoilersLost]


The other day, we showed you a Spanish promo full of weird inkblots that might hold clues to the final season. Here they all are now. [Doc Arzt]

Doctor Who:

In the Van Gogh episode, apparently Van Gogh stabs the episode's monster — and it's yellow. And that Cirque poster burning on the exterior of the TARDIS (when the Doctor and Amy bring Van Gogh to the 21st century to see an exhibition) may lead into the next episode. [GallifreyBase]


On a related note, Bill Nighy will guest star in that episode, playing a Van Gogh expert in the present day. [Digital Spy]

There was some night filming at a Vicarage, including a scene where Amy, an unknown woman of African ancestry and actor Susan Vidler all stare into the sky in amazement. Also, sounds like there's a scene in the garden where the Doctor gives River Song the diary she has when we first meet her, plus a "longish thin object." Squee. [Gallifrey Base]



Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary) talks about the character he plays on this show:

I'm actually doing a number of episodes on Caprica. I just finished an episode two days ago and then I'm going back for a couple more episodes in a week or so. I'm playing a character called Diego. Basically a lot of the storyline on Caprica deals with polytheists who believe in many Gods and then the monotheists who believe in the one true God. I am sort of the leader of a militant arm of the monotheists called the STO... He is definitely a bad ass and a very intimidating guy.


[SciFiPulse via Battlestar_Blog]


In this week's Fringe, something we've been waiting for since the pilot happens — and it may concern Peter and Olivia. The scenes in question are gratifying, but somewhat rushed — and then our happiness is snatched away in a heartbreaking fashion. [E! Online]


True Blood:

Dawn Olivieri, the psychic tattoo lady from Heroes, will appear on this show as Alcide's werewolf sister, a tough biker chick who's into psychics and horoscopes. [TV Guide]



As you've no doubt heard, the writers planned a 13-episode season, and then got six more episodes, which will be their own arc. Chris Fedak explains how that plays out:

It's much more of an emotional arc, but yes, we do have an epic in Episode Thirteen. What happened is that, when they ordered more episodes, we realized that Episode Fourteen would have to be epic on its own and that feels like one of our season-beginning episodes. So we've been working on that quite a bit as well. It's another huge episode of CHUCK. Every episode is huge. This year, every year, we're pushing production with what we do and what you should expect. It's a lot of fun.


Also, now you'll be seeing more sides of General Beckman this year and she won't always be in her office when she talks to Chuck. [iF Magazine]


Here's another clip from Friday's huge "Absolute Justice". [DCU Source Blog]

Additional reporting by Josh C. Snyder.



On the morning of the premiere of LOST, I think I've begun to realize how spoilers have ruined (though not entirely) this final season for me. While I still was super excited by that official trailer on Sunday, I'm not that excited about tonight. I mean, I know what's going to happen. Sure, I don't know everything, and I don't know how what I know will happen will happen, but that one big, huge, shocking twist that this season starts with... I already know what it is, and have known for months, it's not really going to wow me, and if LOST isn't going to wow me, what's the point? I think my friends were right, spoilers ruin shows.