The place to be last night was Portland, Oregon, where the first "secret" preview for the movie adaptation of Watchmen took place at the Regal Lloyd Center 10 Theater for a packed audience full of fans who'd read the leaked announcement of the secret screening online. Lines for the screening snaked through the theater hours before showtime, with many being turned away, much to their dismay. Of course, as soon as the movie finished, those who attended headed to their computers... and started to spoil. I'm serious - Spoilers Ahead.The best hub for those claiming to have been to the screening was at IMDb, where posters talked about the Non-Disclosure Agreements they had to sign before entering the theater, and then went on to ignore that whole legally-binding agreement thing to talk about the movie's ending:

There was no squid... He and Dr Manhattan built a machine to mimic the powers of Dr Manhattan, under the guise of "free energy" to solve the energy crisis. Unbeknown to Manhattan, he used the machine to set off an atomic bomb like thing in various large cities around the world.


If true - and I have my doubts because, come on, what troll wouldn't want to fuck with a legion of fans eager for spoilers - then so much for staying faithful to the original ending...