First Real Look at Hawkeye from The Avengers

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One of the biggest reveals at Comic-Con today wasn't in Hall H or Ballroom 20 — it came from Marvel, which released this amazing shot of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. And is that the Helicarrier in the background?


We kind of knew that despite the lack of an Avengers panel at SDCC, Marvel would still find a way to steal the show. But this is a pretty great hero shot — way better than the early Captain America and Thor shots were. What do you think? [Marvel]



I'm all psyched about the avengers - especially after seeing that semi-trailer at the end of Captain America. But had a question - will DC ever do something like this? Coz, as much s I love the Avengers, I love the JLA more ... I'm not comparing or starting a debate, but I'd like some crossover DCU movies - ofcourse, first remove that awful Green Lantern Movie from existence.