Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

OMG major spoiler explosion! First of all, we've got tons of details on the Battlestar Galactica webisodes, including your first pic of Gaeta and his new friend. And a new BBC video includes some tantalizing new Doctor Who footage. Eliza Dushku shows off the Dollhouse set and lets out a major spoiler. Also, writer Paul Dini explains why Clone Wars' Asajj Ventress is the new Harley Quinn. (Not really.) All this, plus life-altering spoilers for Green Lantern, Terminator Salvation, Lost, Fringe, Heroes and Sarah Connor Chronicles. Celebrating one whole day with no toy spoilers!

Green Lantern:

Co-writer Marc Guggenheim says he and his fellow writers are making minor tweaks to the script, but nothing super major. And he says the designs for the Lanterns' base planet of Oa are like nothing you've ever seen on film before. It sounds like the Clark Kent cameo, where Kent gets passed over for the super-ring from space, is still in there. [MTV]

Terminator Salvation:

More hints about an Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo in Terminator 4. Producer Jeff Silver says the movie is "an Arnold-free Terminator, although I do have a surprise there." [Sarah Connor Society]

Battlestar Galactica:

Here's the a screenshot of Gaeta almost kissing Hoshi, his lover, in the webisode series called "Face Of The Enemy." Apparently the webisodes take place between the first and second halves of season four, and they revolve around Gaeta going off in a raptor with a handful of strangers. One of them dies mysteriously, and everyone's a suspect. Paranoia sets in among the group, and the human-Cylon struggle plays out in close quarters. Michael Hogan and Grace Park also star. The webisodes start appearing online Dec. 12. [Sci Fi Wire]


Doctor Who:

Gaeta's not the only one coming out of the closet, judging from this new trailer for all of the BBC's Christmas programming. The Doctor opens a cupboard and finds a Yuletide surprise. Plus what's that book David Morrissey is looking at? Is it... Gallifreyan? Note also the scene of Morrissey and a bunch of extras cheering, as though he's just helped to save the day. Meanwhile, in a new short video on the BBC site, David Tennant tells you what to do with the show. [Planet Gallifrey]



Access Hollywood visited the set, which is a mixture of a spa and a prison, says Joss Whedon. Did you realize quite how huge this set was? I didn't. And it sounds like Eliza Dushku was just filming a sequence where her character and other "Actives" are inside the Dollhouse in their non-"Doll" states, seeing the space through new eyes. Does she accidentally visit the Dollhouse while programmed with a personality, or is the programming already wearing off? [Access Hollywood]


Here's another new trailer for season five. Not much new footage that I can see, except maybe more of Locke falling out of a tree and some explosions.


Meanwhile, we reported a while back that the show is casting an Arab father and his sensitive son. (Two sons, it turns out.) Now, EW's Michael Ausiello is speculating that the older son is the young Sayid, who's scarred for life by his dad's mistreatment. This will be part of season five, episode 10, a Sayid-centric outing. [EW]

Also, the younger of those two boys is quiet and thoughtful, and protective of his sensitive older brother. He can do what his father asks, calmly and coolly. (Actually, that sounds sort of Sayid-like.) [SpoilersLost]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

Okay, now I'm officially excited for Friday's new episode, in which Ahsoka teams up with an older, play-by-the-rules female Jedi, Luminara, to escort the captured Viceroy Nute Gunray to his trial. (Only to run into Asajj Ventress.) The studio sent us a promo pic, but more importantly, they sent info. The episode is being written by Paul "Batman: The Animated Series" Dini, and it sounds like Dini is bringing his trademark flair for characterization to Asajj Ventress:

"A lot of times, female characters – particularly the villains – come off as very one-dimensional,” Dini says. “They get the short shrift in that they’re only given the snappy comeback, or they’re relegated to a very stereotypical role. I want to know what’s driving them – that’s what’s really interesting. If you can find that human moment, then attach a human element of motivation, the character becomes more relatable and, even if she’s a villain, more sympathetic.”

But Dini says viewers won’t find much sympathy for Ventress – and not because she lacks crystal clear motives.

“Ventress has a savage desire to prove herself,” he explains. “She really wants to be the next Sith Lord, and she’ll do anything to achieve her goal. She’s as ruthless, cunning and merciless as any character in the series, and that intense, loose rage makes her a wild card. When she unleashes it, she becomes a berserker. When she fights, she’s like a snake, almost reptilian in some ways. If she kept her rage in check, she might win. But she gives in to that rage, and that is her undoing, her weakness.”


[Warner Bros.]


The producers answered more fan questions. It sounds like episode 19 of the current season, "Shades Of Gray," is a Sylar-centric episode where we find out even more about Sylar's background and motivations. In a possibly related item, last night's episode showed a big part of the making of the villain of volume four, "Fugitives," as someone turned towards the dark side. [Comic Book Resources]


Actually, the person who just turned towards the dark side, in order to become a major villain in the "Fugitives" storyline? May not be Sylar. Apparently, now that Nathan is wavering about what side he's really on, Claire may have two morally ambiguous dads to disapprove of in 2009. Also, now that HRG has told Sylar he's not really Nathan's brother, Sylar is going to spend next spring on a hunt for answers about his past. And Elle may not actually be dead. There's a coverup going on, and she may rise from the grave. [E! Online]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

A couple of images from the Dec. 15 episode, the last one before February. Sarah looks for answers in a warehouse and at a UFO convention. (We posted some details of script pages from this episode a while back. You'll notice that "three red dots" play an important role in this episode, which could be related to last week's episode.)




A new trailer for tonight's episode aired during Sarah Connor.