First Pics Of Jewel Staite's Hot Date On Atlantis

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Who's Dr. Keller (Jewel Staite) all twitterpated about? We've got new pictures from the set of producer/writer Martin Gero's "Brain Strom" episode for Stargate Atlantis, and they reveal Keller's new lucky man and a couple of amazing science-centric cameos including Bill Nye The Science Guy. Click through to see Keller's new object of affection - beware spoilers. So it was no huge surprise that Dr. Jennifer Keller and Dr. Rodney McKay were going to start taking their flirting to a whole new level this season, I just didn't know it would break my heart to see them flirt so. Take care of him Keller, McKay is a jewel. Producer Joseph Malozzi included some pictures from the set of "Brain Storm" where Keller and McKay flirt and mingle amongst the brainiest of science minds including one Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson, very cool Atlantis. Also it appears as if Kids In The Hall alum Dave Foley will have a little cameo in the "Brain Storm" episode. Classic. If this is what happens when Atlantis lets Gero direct, I say let's put him in the director's chair more often. [Joseph Mallozzi]


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@mighty_squid: what, girls can't like two guys? its not like she having a three-some with them, and even if she did. so what? guys who date more then one girl at a time is called a player and looked up to but girls who dare to like two guys and show how they feel are called sluts. As long as Ronon and McKay aren't getting hurt its all good.

(I adored Jewel on Firefly, and I miss seeing her as Kaylee and FireFly