First Photo of Tom Hardy as Bane?

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The website for Christopher Nolan's third Batman film just went live, and it contains clues that lead to this picture. Which appears to be Tom Hardy as Bane.

The Dark Knight Rises website actually contains a sound file of some chanting, which turns out to reveal a link to a Twitter account, TheFireRises, when you run it through a sound analysis program. That account, in turn, just tweeted this photo.

Hardy is almost unrecognizable as Bane. He's a lot more imposing and scary-looking than we'd been expecting, actually. What do you think? [Thanks Tim!]

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He looks extremely scary.

My only concern about this movie is that Nolan seems to be straying slightly (based on the very little information and pictures that have been leaked) from the "plausible" nature of The Dark Knight. I mean, the Lazarus pit doesn't really fit with what he's done so far, and I'm not sure how well Bane will fit into a plausible storyline.

All that said, Nolan will probably prove me wrong and make another amazing, plausible superhero movie. Because he's Christopher Nolan.