First Photo of Jason Patric as a Cop Amongst Superheroes, in Powers

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Here's the first official still from the TV pilot based on Powers, the comic-book police procedural set in a world of superheroes. There have been a lot of attempts to create a successful superhero show on television lately, but this could be the one that hits.


The pilot, made for FX, just wrapped filming recently, but it won't air until June 2012 — and that's if FX decides to pick it up as a series.

In Powers, created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, superheroes and supervillains are relatively commonplace — but ordinary cops still have to solve crimes. The series follows Christian Walker (Patric) and his partner Deena Pilgrim (Lucy Punch.) The pilot also stars Charles S. Dutton and Carly Foulkes (from the T-Mobile commercials.) Walker himself is a former superhero who became a cop after he lost his powers.


Talking to the Chicago Sun-Times, producer Charles Eglee (The Shield, The Walking Dead) describes the show as a genre mash-up: "like, if you took ‘Se7en' and smushed it with ‘The Dark Knight.'" He also says Chicago plays a key role in the series, and it's super grounded in the realities of Chicago policing despite its superheroic elements. And he said the show might not stick too closely to the storylines from the comics — and it might make a storyline from a handful of comics issues last an entire season.

FX President John Landgraf, talking to the Sun-Times and other outlets, sounded pretty gung-ho about the series:

The superhero genre is ripe for reinvention. Everything television has ever done in that genre is the equivalent of [a 8 or 9] o'clock show - light, breezy [and] special effects-oriented. I'm not saying that ‘Powers' isn't fun, but it aspires to be a serious drama, and it's fascinating to me to try to reshape and reinvent familiar genres.

Here's hoping we get to watch Powers next summer... [Chicago Sun Times]

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It's not my Gotham Central TV Series, but it's getting there. I'll watch it.