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First official picture from the set of Iron Man 3

Illustration for article titled First official picture from the set of emIron Man 3/em

Fresh on the metal heels of last week's insanely spoilery on set Iron Man 3 set photo, Marvel has released the very first "official" Iron Man 3 picture. Which shows Tony Stark taking in his vast collection of Iron Man suits.


We can't wait to see the latest model! (And if the rumors are true, then the next version of the Iron Man armor could be something very, very different.)


The images was taken from the @Iron Man twitter account. Which hasn't been officially certified by Marvel, yet. But we suspect that will change soon.

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Corpore Metal

So, anal retentive gearhead that he is, Tony probably rebuilt the suits he lost or which had been destroyed. His Mark I nearly fell to pieces after he escaped Afghanistan. Any others he lost, he probably rebuilt. He's like those computer dweebs who keep all their ancient hardware—just in case. You never know when you'll need to read IBM cards, a cassette or a five and quarter inch floppy again.