First official look from Walking Dead season 2 reveals a zombie makeover!

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The first official image from the second season of Walking Dead is out, showing off some new undead make up tricks. While the zombies look impressively gruesome, we're wondering if the new yellow-eyed look is the first of many changes?

In a press release sent out from AMC, Executive Writer/Producer Frank Darabont had this to say about filming season 2:

At this moment, I'm standing on a stretch of post-apocalypse interstate in Georgia, littered with abandoned cars and blessing my good luck to be reunited with our amazing cast, and our fantastic directors and crew. Across the board, there are none better. It's great to be shooting again. I think we've embarked on a great season.


Nothing like good carnage report from our favorite horror series. And we have to admit, the new image looks fantastic... but what's going on with that one "geek's" eyeballs? Does she have some sort of wild zombie disease? We know the Walking Dead's undead sport a pair of cloudy smoke eyes, but this yellow look is 100% new to us. Could there be a strange zombie rabies virus spreading about? Are the undead going to get some crazed 28 Days Later rage virus in season 2? Or perhaps this is just another example of Walking Dead's creatively disturbing make-up? Only time and set leaks will tell.

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meh. First season wasn't very good. Everyone i know who didn't read the comics gushed it was "finally horror done right on tv!".

Then i leant them the trades of the comic, with the actual decent version of the plot and not this hasty rewrite with the deus ex bullshit plot devices and every single one said "oh no, yeah, this is better than the show".

its a well made show. but not particularly good regardless. they made the story bland, the characters generic and they pretty much beat the original plot into the ground and threw the original out the window at episode 2.

So far not compelled by any of the news to watch season 2. why bother when the comic is so much further into a better story?