Ready for some Junior High nostalgia? Here's the very first look at The Giver movie adaptation: Jonas and The Giver himself inside the Library of Memory!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we now have the first real look at director Phillip Noyce's film. For those of you who just skimmed this mandatory English 101 reading, the book (by Lois Lowry) is set in a utopian future. In this future people are assigned jobs and given clothes etc., and you can see where this is going. Main character Jonas is assigned the very special job as the "Receiver of Memory." IN this job he meets with The Giver, who bestows upon Jonas feelings and tastes and knowledge that the rest of the world has been deprived of. Feelings like elation and pain. Obviously the more Jonas "receives," the more he realizes that this utopia is actually a dystopia. The towns Chief Elder is played by Meryl Streep, and Jeff Bridges (who is also a producer on this film) will play The Giver.


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