First Official Look At The Fantastic Four's Thing

Is it clobberin' time? I think it might be clobberin' time. Because The Fantastic Four reboot movie just released a few new stills, including our first-ever good look at Ben Grimm in his ever-lovin', blue-eyed (and orange-rock-skinned) glory.


Note: We've seen a blurry look at Jamie Bell as The Thing before, and we saw a tiny bt of him from behind in the trailer, but this is our first decent look. Honestly, this doesn't look wildly better than Michael Chiklis in the original Fantastic Four movie to me, but I'm reasonably confident it's because it's a photo. I'm guessing he'll look significantly better moving and in action scenes than Chiklis' Thing suit. Oh, here are the other two stills released with the Thing, including a shot of Miles Teller's Reed getting stretched:

Thoughts? Concerns? References to Ben Grimm's Aunt Petunia?

[Via Empire]

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