For the past couple of weeks, unauthorized, unofficial images of the main characters from Frank Miller's new flick The Spirit have been circulating online. The interest has been so intense that Lionsgate finally caved in to fan demand and released two CGI-treated images of the bad guys — Silken Floss, the evil secretary played by Scarlett Johansson (above), and The Octopus played by Samuel L. Jackson (below) — so we could see what they'll really look like in the movie.


Looks extra shiny, menacing, and awesome, and I'm excited that the effects are shaping up to resemble those in Sin City, the slick, CGI-treated film based on Frank Miller's comic book of the same name. 300, also based on a Miller book, featured similar stylized treatments. I love this trend of making movies look like comic books, since for decades comic books have tried to look more like movies. At last, the tides have turned! Mwhahaha!

First Look at The Spirit [FirstShowing]

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