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First Nightmare On Elm Street Clip Shows Off Freddy's Brand New Face

Illustration for article titled First Nightmare On Elm Street Clip Shows Off Freddys Brand New Face

Freddy ain't dead — he's back as Jackie Earle Haley, and scary as hell. Watch the brand new clip and learn how this Nightmare reboot finds a loophole in Freddy's rule that he can only kill you while you're sleeping.


If you watched this Nightmare on Elm Street trailer, you learned that "at the 70-hour mark an insomniac will begin to experience MICRO NAPS" which means... you're dreaming but you don't know it. This explains what's happening in this clip, with Freddy jumping in and out of reality. It's actually pretty cool-looking, with the steam turning into the dust from Freddy-fingered Gold Bond bottles. Sure, the idea is ridiculous, but if it gets Freddy around the "only attack while sleeping" rule, why not?


The new Nightmare hits theaters April 30th.

[Watch it in HD at Yahoo]

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I think the best part about this reboot, I've heard is that Freddy is killed because they suspected him of being a child killer.I like the idea of maybe not know exactly how he died or if it was really justified. Gives him more purpose.