A new True Blood minisode has appeared, and it's got our main man Lafayette acting all sorts of sassy, Sookie looking vacant, and Tara just being annoying "extra sassy" Tara. We missed you guys so much.

Did you forget how annoying Tara is and how amazing Lafayette is? I didn't. But I had forgotten all about gangly old Eggs, until Tara brought him up. Oh Eggs, your sudden and unheroic death was truly the highlight of True Blood's second season.


In other True Blood news, did you know Pam has been upgraded from a side character to a full-fledged main character this season? Think of all the outfit possibilities! Also, British actress Lara Pulver and actor Michael Steger have both recently joined the True Blood cast, according to the Ausiello files.

Pulver will be playing Claudine, Sookie's fairy godmother - who has a bit 'o magic in her. And Steger is supposedly a love interest for Russell.

Welcome, new cast members - you can't be any worse than Eggs.