First New Moon Clip Presents Fluffy Were-Puppies

The MTV Movie Awards rolled out the first ever footage of the Twilight sequel New Moon, as part of the award show's never-ending barrage of nonstop Twi-coverage. And with comes is our long-awaited first look at Taylor Lautner's werewolf manifestation.

Look at the wittle baby face of dah wittle wolf baby, who's a big bad werewolf? Not scary at all. I see Twilight is continuing it's trend of making scary things either cute or super sexy and it won't stop until it's adorable-ized the werewolves. Give me the days of mutated wolf-people of yesterday! That said, I'm enjoying the "I haven't fed" red eyes of Laurent. Looks slightly frightening, until he messed it up with the crane arching swooping hand gesture. New Moon will be in theaters November 20th.


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Annalee Newitz

There is some dark terrible part of me that read ALL the Flowers In The Attic books when I was 12. I believe it is the same part of me that wants to watch this movie.