First Men Who Stare At Goats Clip Unleashes Clooney's Combat Skills

Now that you've already seen the Jedi mind tactics from the mustached psychic soldier George Clooney, take a look at his hand to hand combat skills as he almost breaks Ewan McGregor's arm. Secret Government warrior monks are hilarious.


The film was inspired by Jon Ronson's non-fiction book about a secret government program to create a psychic military team that could read peoples minds, walk through walls, and kill a goat by staring at it, among other useful brain powers. They were called the First Earth Battalion and McGregor plays a reporter following around the greatest mind Jedi, Clooney, for the story. It moves at the speed of a Coen Brothers flick, and has Jeff Bridges in it. So chances are we'll be staring at Goats too.

Men Who Stare At Goats will be released into theaters on November 6th.

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"Battle not with George Clooney, lest he whip out that damn "predator" thing. And if you stare at goats, the goats stare back into you."