The original Mad Max trilogy put Max Rockatansky through the wringer, to the point where his sanity was hanging by a thread. But after seeing a whole lot of footage from Mad Max: Fury Road, we're not sure there's any way Max can actually hold it together this time. This film looks just crazy.

UPDATE: Warner Bros. has released four badass new character posters Tom Hardy as Max, Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, Nicholas Hoult as Nux and Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe. See them sprinkled throughout the post!


Spoilers ahead...

We start out in a completely bleak, lifeless desert, looking at Mad Max's back as he stares out at the landscape, standing next to a car that looks dead. We hear newscasters talking about the water shortage and water wars, and the fact that we "are killing for gasoline." A lizard runs around in the foreground and then gets close to Max... who steps on it.

A voiceover says, "My name is Max. My world is fire and blood."

We finally see Max's angry, intense face, and then he grabs a bag of his shit and jumps into his car, which springs to life with a whirl of the rotor on its roof. He drives off like a bat out of hell, being chased by mutants with wrecked buggies and improvised vehicles that look straight out of the original trilogy. Everything looks super hacked-together. Rockets go off, making brightly colored smoke clouds in the air.


Everything bursts into flames, and Max's car rolls over and wipes out. And then... Tom Hardy ends up being on the receiving end of the treatment he gave Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises. They cut off Max's hair and shave his head, and tattoo weird words on his back, and he's a prisoner of these crazy post-apocalyptic savages, led by a long-haired man with a skull mouth mask over his mouth.

"It is by my hand," a sinister voice says, "you will rise."


Soon, hairless and mostly naked Tom Hardy is brooding in a cage, suspended over a chamber. In another chamber, the skull-mouth guy comes into a chamber where "WHO KILLED THE WORLD" is written on the floor.

Meanwhile, these beautiful women in flowy white saint outfits are being chased, and only Charlize Theron can keep them safe. "We are not beasts," somebody protests. And Charlize Theron says they will do better with a head start.

Soon it's a big chase, with the post-apocalyptic mutant people in tankers and buggies, chasing after Charlize and her Daeneryses. And Mad Max is chained up on the front of a buggy, with a gimp mask on his face that makes him look a bit Bane-like. Max looks actually desperate and kind of broken. He's gagged and bound and helpless in the middle of all this chaos.


There are motorcycles flying everywhere, and brutal mayhem, and the skull-mouth guy is in his element. Until at last Max breaks free and climbs on top of the car he's been trapped on, and he finally kicks the bald albino mutant who's been tormenting him off, so the guy goes flying.

And just when you think the insane chase and battle can't get any crazier, there's a freaking giant tornado, with lightning coming off it, and everybody pretty much drives into the middle of it. Cars are being picked up and flung around in all directions, and there is lightning going everywhere, with cars bursting into flames. The goggle-wearing guy driving the car that Mad Max is stuck on the back of opens all the hoses in his cockpit to flood his car with gasoline, while he says this is a lovely day. And Mad Max sees this and gets pretty alarmed — especially after they guy lights a flare and sprays silver paint all over his mouth. Mad Max punches through the glass of the car (which he's still chained to) but it's too late.


Mad Max is thrown in mid air as the car collides with another one, and soon everything is on fire.

And then... Mad Max climbs out of the sand, still alive and pissed. He carries the goggle-wearing driver of that car off with him, still chained.


Soon, Mad Max teams up with Charlize who asks him if he wants to get through this. And then there's more chasing, except Max is driving a car now, and cars are wiping out all over, with people being crushed. One of the Daeneryses is being lifted up into the air by some kind of lasso out of her car, crying helplessly. A car is shredded under a giant truck.

We see a shot of Max looking sad, and Charlize asks what his name is.


And the biggest takeaway from the Q&A? This film's villain, Immortan Joe, is played by Hugh Keays-Byrne, who played Toe-Cutter in the original movie. They apparently felt that with a mask, he wouldn't be recognizable as the same actor, back again, and it's a nice way to bring the saga full circle.

Said director George Miller, "Chase movies are the purest form of cinema." He "wanted to make one long chase and pick up the story along the way. It was certainly familiar, but a lot of time has passed [and] the technology has changed. It was a real opportunity to go back an revisit it. It was really interesting thing to do — crazy and interesting… I was waiting for someone like Tom Hardy to come along."

Also, Miller explained more about how this movie didn't have a script — instead, they made a storyboard with 3,500 frames, basically like a comic book, co-written by Miller, Brendan McCarthy and a few other collaborators.