First Look Behind The Scenes Of The Prisoner Remake

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A new video of the first table read for AMC's remake of 60's imprisoned-spy series The Prisoner shows the cast and crew psyching themselves up to play the Villagers. The most endearing thing is hearing nervous Jim Caviezel (playing the main character Number 6) and Ian McKellen (who plays the evil Number 2) both talk about their anxiety about revamping one of television's few great philosophical/psychological thrillers. Click through for the video. Click to view I think everyone on the cast and crew seems most excited about the modern-day twist. Producer Trevor Hopkins explains that Bill Gallagher's script doesn't try to copy the original show, which is probably a good thing. Instead the new version is more about post 9/11 security issues. It's the first time our post-9/11 anxieties have been merged with a tripped-out 1960s style, so it'll be interesting to see how it meshes. I'm excited to see how they'll pump the inhabitants of the Village for information, Prisoner-style, yet remain true to modern times. But even more intriguing is the pairing of Jim Caviezel as Number 6 and Ian McKellen as the authority figure Number 2. Caviezel replaces Patrick McGoohan's defiance with an air of "Holy crap, I'm confused - what's going on? I'm not a number." And McKellen is just a first class actor all the way. Let the whacked-out battle of wits commence. [AMC]

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Chris Braak

"And I said to him, 'Now, you know, Trevor, I'm not really a prisoner on a secret government compound.' And he said, 'Yes, Sir Ian, but you'll have to pretend to be.'"