Zach Snyder's official Watchmen movie blog has already been the cause of countless nerdgasms โ€” especially after Snyder released photos from the set. Last week, the blog rumbled back into life with a look at the movie's storyboards which, if nothing else, act as proof that Snyder's future definitely isn't in illustration. Snyder talks about the boards, and we show more examples, after the jump.


Explaining the importance of storyboards to his process, Snyder wrote:

Storyboards play a vital part in my process long before I start sharing them with my team. I've always storyboarded my commercials and movies. It is a key part of my process for envisioning the entire film from beginning to end. In addition to using that drawing time to figure out blocking and action, it is also when I can begin to get a sense of whether the dialog and pacing are working. As you can see from these frames, my storyboards aren't necessarily super-finished art pieces on their own. I often find that the frames that get the most detail are the ones where I'm stalling - thinking of the next shots. In contrast, if I already have a sequence sorted out in my head, the boards tend to be much sketchier.


Look at the examples below, and see how closely that Snyder is keeping to the original artwork from the comic. Maybe artist Dave Gibbons' optimism about the project is well-founded after all.

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