The first footage is out from Tom Hanks' animated web series, Electric City — set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, where only the rich can afford communication. Hanks produced, does voice acting, and helped write the script for this 90-minute project, that's been in the works for years. Hanks told EW that at one point he was going to make it with puppets.

But now the first ever footage is up — and clearly not made with puppets. Each seven-minute episode will be hosted on Yahoo, starting July 17. Here's the official synopsis:

On the surface, the Electric City is utopia and under the surface, Electric City is secrets and heavy-handed state control. What we found really compelling is that this is perfect for a highly digital audience, a lean-forward audience who likes to utilize the medium of the Internet.


Here is a quick video with more footage from the ARG that was has been going on about Electric City for a while now.

[via Yahoo]

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