First look at The X-Files creator's new apocalypse TV series The After

The X-Files' creator Chris Carter returns to TV for The After, a mysterious TV series about eight strangers, brought together to face an even more mysterious apocalypse. Here's the first clip from the series, and, as you might have gathered by this point, it's kind of mysterious.


The After will be part of Amazon's second pilot season, which means people will have to vote to determine whether it'll get picked up for a full series. So if you ant to know what the hell happened or why the hell that one helicopter flew directly into the other one (sentient killer technology? suicidal pilot? clumsiness?), well, that's on you whenever Amazon decides to release it (we'll let you know).

[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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Erik Sofge

After Millennium's Selfosophy episode, Carter has my vote forever.