First Look at The Simpsons LEGO House is insanely detailed

We've been patiently waiting for more news about The Simpsons LEGO home, complete with nosey-doodly-doo neighbor Ned Flanders. And now, it's really real! Behold the first piece of what we hope will become a complete LEGO Springfield.

Carlos S over at Eurobricks, posted this image of The Simpsons LEGO packaging, without any indication of where it was taken. So we don't know if this is an early prototype or if this is exactly what the LEGO Simpsons home will look like. But so far, SO GOOD. Please make a LEGO Moe's next!


Folks are estimating that this box of animated LEGO pals could cost up to $150 (or more), which is A LOT, but still kiiiiiiind of worth it. And if you look carefully you can see that the house EXPANDS, so it may unfold like a doll house with individual LEGO rooms. Rad.

UPDATE: Now with a back shot!

[via Neatorama]

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