First Look at The Mandarin short shows Trevor jailed but not defeated

Everyone's favorite Marvel whipping boy is back! Trevor Slattery will be returning to our lives after his short but brilliant bit as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3, thanks to the new Marvel movie short"All Hail the King." New details and images reveal the fate of dear old, drunk Trevor, and it's not good.

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Mandarin-centric short (penned and directed by Drew Pearce) takes place in the Seagate prison, where Trevor has been incarcerated. Sidenote: Luke Cage cameo! Apparently Trevor's secret identity is intact and no one knows that his whole charade as the Mandarin was merely a front for Aldrich Killian. And Trevor is making celebrity bank off that secret. Pearce explains to EW:

"He is living a somewhat curtailed version of the celebrity life, but he's also leading arguably a better life than he did when he was living with, like, four other actors at the age of 52 in some bedsit in the south of London. That's the other fun thing about the starting point is that when we meet Trevor in the short, Trevor won. The Mandarin didn't, but Trevor in his own way was victorious."


Pearce continued on (without revealing spoilers) but hinting that there are lots of name drops in the short that will hint at future Marvel universe reveals, and perhaps whether or not we'll be getting another Iron Man movie.

"All Hail The King" is bundled with the Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray and DVD release on February 25th. And here are a few preview stills:


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