A whole host of new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes pictures has revealed what happened after the Apes took the Golden Gate Bridge. Including a first look at the primate HQ, where the apes have apparently learned how to use fire, and created their own language.

The first movie in the newly rebooted Apes series concluded with a super uneasy truce — with the Apes in the California woods and the humans in the city. Now, in the year 2026, you can see that things aren't going so well for the humans. According to the new Dawn website (just launched today) the part of the human population wasn't wiped out by "Simian Flu" got killed in bloody human-vs.-simian battle. And now the images below are all that remains of the Mission District of San Francisco.


Also on this new site: a first look at the newly formed ape-dominated world. Including a look into the simian lair, with lights and some sort of ape language. We're getting excited...


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