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Syfy has been dipping its toe back into space adventure lately — but here's a great leap back into the stars, with a pleasing amount of grit and dark humor. Killjoys is a show about bounty hunters in space, from Michelle Lovretta, the original creator of Lost Girl.

Lovretta only worked on the first season of Lost Girl, but she had a lot to do with the show's inclusion of same-sex relationships and badass female characters.


This show is another joint venture between Syfy and Space, on the heels of Lost Girl and Continuum. The show's three main bounty hunters are played by Hannah John-Kamen, Luke Macfarlane, and Warehouse 13's Aaron Ashmore. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

British actress John-Kamen plays the lead role of Dutch, a top-level Killjoy who chases deadly warrants throughout the Quad, a distant planetary system on the brink of class war. Ashmore is peacemaker John Jaqobis, and Macfarlane is sarcastic yet loyal solider D'avin.

Macfarlane compared the Killjoys' relationship with law enforcement to private security firm Blackwater's relationship with the military in that it's its own entity that obeys laws within the system, but it doesn't have to follow strict rules. "The one rule that we follow is the saying, 'The warrant is all,' " explained Ashmore. "We basically do what we need to do — bending the rules, if that may be the case — to fulfill whatever the warrant is." Though Lovretta notes that their powers are limited.

Class warfare, people just scraping by at the edges of the system, rogues who break the rules — between this and the upcoming Expanse series, Syfy could actually be making space dangerous again. Fingers crossed. Watch another, somewhat longer, trailer over at the Hollywood Reporter.

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