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First Look At Steven Spielberg's Alien Invasion TV Series

Illustration for article titled First Look At Steven Spielbergs Alien Invasion TV Series

TNT has greenlit 10 episodes of Steven Spielberg's untitled alien-invasion series. We've got the first picture from the set, featuring the heavily armored ER doctor, Noah Wyle. Apparently it takes a lot of ammo to kill these space bastards.


TNT is mighty excited about its new Spielberg alien show, judging from the ten-episode order. Which is a lot, seeing as how most new shows flap in and out of miniseries and TV-movies before developing an audience. But then again, it's Steven frakking Spielberg.

Plus Robert Rodat, of Saving Private Ryan fame, penned the pilot from an original idea. Which was inspired by Spielberg's previous alien TV venture Taken. Beside Noah, Terminator Salvation's Moon Bloodgood will star.


The series begins after a massive alien invasion has ravaged the Earth. The show will focus on a small group of survivors/rebels. And from the looks of this picture, they aren't messing around.

[Picture via Spoiler TV and Scifi Wire]

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Don't get me wrong, I'm just as excited to see this as everyone else here...but, Noah Wyle? He doesn't exactly scream "charismatic, badass leader" to me. In fact, no doubt I'll keep thinking it's just Carter or the Librarian play-pretending (but maybe he'll convice me otherwise, we'll see).