First Look At SGU's Cameo-Filled Spring Season

Stargate guest-stars, sexy celebs, and half-naked over-the-shoulder glances. Goa'uld help us, but this first trailer for the second half of Stargate Universe season one has us revved up. See TJ with her hair down, new baddies and spoilers.

First up, check this out:



TJ lets her hair down. Let's hope she gives us more character development as well, like we've been crossing our fingers for.


Rhona Mitra, playing Commander Kiva, the "strong-willed" leader of an alien force.


Angry Rush is baaack — or at least not dead, and he's brought new poky friends!

So far, so good.

Also here is a trailer that has a lot of old clips in it, but a few new. Like a mysterious world that appears habitable for the Destiny crew.

Stargate Universe returns to your screens on April 2.


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