First Look At Saoirse Ronan's Postapocalyptic Detective In City Of Ember

Here's the first trailer from October's City Of Ember, a kids' movie set in a postapocalyptic underground city whose power generator is running out of juice. Our first glimpse includes the corrupt mayor (Bill Murray) trying to rally the town. Everything depends on two crafty kids, who follow a path of clues down ancient tunnels and passages. Learn more about the challenges that meet the kids below (including minor spoilers).

According to the tween novel, when 'The Builders' built the city of Ember they knew that the generator would eventually start to run out. So they left a mechanical box with instructions that would open 220 years later when it was safe to leave the city again. Of course the box is forgotten about and found in the year 241 by a couple of kids. The present Ember is a troubled city with constant blackouts. It's up to the children to find a way out and to the surface. We only hope Saoirse Ronan is a better sleuth in this movie than she was in Atonement.


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