First Look At Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Costume!

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Check out the first official photo of James Bond's Spectre. There are casting hints for the Crow remake and Guy Ritchie's King Arthur movie. Watch a new trailer for Age of Adaline, and an Orphan Black teaser. A villain is cast for Agents of SHIELD. Plus teases for Arrow, 12 Monkeys, and Agent Carter. Behold, Spoilers!

Top image: Deadpool test footage.


Ryan Reynolds tweeted this first look at a prototype for Deadpool's mask and gloves, joking that the sepia tone was to hide the fact that the costume was bright pink:


Kingsman: The Secret Service

The movie may have come out this week, but Matthew Vaughn is already contemplating what might happen in a sequel:

I'd love to do another one. This movie really is the origin story of Eggsy. And Eggsy is really the real, true modern gentleman spy. It really isn't Harry Hart. Harry Hart is the old cliché of what you think a gentleman spy is. Eggsy will be taking on a whole new way. But it's up to the audience. If they go see it and want another one, I would absolutely love to do it. We had so much fun making this movie. And you wouldn't believe what we've got in store. Poor Mark Strong will be going on a journey that he never imagined. And we've got this idea to introduce the world to the American branch of the Kingsman.

[ Moviefone]

The Crow

Now that Luke Evans has departed the film, Comic creator James O'Barr says he wants Sam Witwer to take on the role of Eric Draven. [Blastr]


The Knights Of The Round Table

Eric Bana will play Uther, King Arthur's father, in Guy Ritchie's movie about the Arthurian legends. [ Variety]



Wednesday there was footage, and now, your very first still from the next Bond! [Spoiler TV]


Age Of Adaline

Blake Lively lives forever and struggles with romance in this second trailer for the romantic drama. [ First Showing]

12 Monkeys

Spoiler TV reveals what's ahead for Jennifer:

If you're a fan of Jennifer Goines then you'll enjoy this week's episode which features flashbacks of her work with the Markridge group. Cassandra is devastated when she finds out Cole killed Henri which leads to Cole sharing his motivations for fixing the past. Cole's efforts to persuade Jennifer to help them destroy the virus backfire. We also see another side to Jones when the group gets drunk and details from the past are spilled.


Meanwhile, here's a clip from the fifth episode, 'Night Room'. [ Spoiler TV]

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Ready your butts for some serious sitting - the movie's running time is allegedly 2 hours and forty minutes according to a posting by Event Cinemas, making AoU a healthy 17 minutes longer than the first movie. [Fansided]


The Librarians

Good news! The show will get a second season of 10 episodes, which will begin airing later this year. [ Ksite TV]


Agents Of SHIELD

The show has cast Drea De Matteo as Karla Faye Gideon, a 'Gifted' woman with a hatred of SHIELD, who joins up with Skye's father. [ TV Guide]


Beauty And The Beast

There's confusion abound as to whether the show has been officially confirmed for a fourth season — the consensus at the moment seems to be that it has, it's just the news of the announcement broke early and the CW is trying to limit the damage. [ Spoiler TV]



E! Online has an exclusive look at what's ahead in the rest of the show's first season.


Orphan Black

Here's a third, Helena-focused teaser. [ Spoiler TV]

Agent Carter

Peggy might be under lock and key at the SSR, but she finds the time for a little humor while escaping with Jarvis in this clip from the next episode, 'Snafu'. [ Spoiler TV]

Jeph Loeb discusses the impetus behind creating the show and why it was important to Marvel's television plans:

One of the things that's a great deal of fun — and this is something that I've always responded to as a storyteller — is telling the stories that are in-between the pages of the stories that you already know. For us, it was an opportunity to tell the origins of S.H.I.E.L.D., to tell the origins of Peggy Carter and what happened in her world. And then, it was a much larger agenda, which was, how do we tell a story that has a character at the center of it that is fun and smart and kicks ass and is sexy — and at the same time feels extremely contemporary, even though it takes place in 1946? That it has a timeless quality to it; that the issues that are involved are issues that are still important to us today; that how she feels in the work place has not been diminished?


There's much more about the company's approach to television at the link. [Comic Book Resources]

And here's some promo pictures from Snafu - more at the link. [ Spoiler TV]



Castiel is on the trail of Cain in this clip from 'The Executioner's Song'. [ Buddy TV]


Thea and Ollie have some sister-brother bonding as they fight for their lives on Lian Yu in this promo for 'The Return' [ Comic Book Resources]

The Originals

TV Guide has an exclusive clip from the next episode - but here's some promo pictures. As usual, more at the link. [Buddy TV]


The 100

Revenge is a dish best served with firearms and axes to the back in this promo for 'Resurrection'. [Spoiler TV]

Once Upon A Time

Here's a character poster for Ursula. [Spoiler TV]



And finally, here's a gallery of cast members for the murder mystery - more at the link. [Spoiler TV]


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