The very first image of Russell Crowe as Darren Aronofsky's Noah is out, and it is hilarious. Playing the beloved bible school character Noah, this furst look at Crowe in his Noah gear has us scratching our heads. We love Aronofsky, but we're not completely sure we're ready for a hot, gritty Noah with a crap load of emotional baggage and two of every animal on Earth.

Noah will be accompanied by his even hotter wife Naameh played by Jennifer Connelly and his children played by Emma Watson, Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman. I guess I always pictured Noah as a sort of skinny santa with a face like my knees after I fell down a flight of stairs. One thing we know for certain, they better have a damn good explanation for why Noah decided not to save the unicorns from their watery grave.


Noah will be in theaters March of 2014.

[via USA Today]