BBC America has released an image of a brand new clone for Orphan Black's new third season, and you're going to want to see this insanity. Spoilers ahead!


For those of you unaware, the second season finale of Orphan Black revealed a new crop of male clones, all being played by actor Ari Millen. Now we have a look at one of the clones from "Project Castor" — this is Rudy. or "Scarface," as he's sometimes called by members of the Orphan Black cast and crew. He's quite creepy.

Illustration for article titled First Look At iOrphan Blacks/i Creepy New Clone

According to Variety, Rudy is a "military" clone, and show co-creator John Fawcett labeled him as a dangerous threat to the sisters, very smart and ruthless. Millen told the crowd at the recent Television Critics Association event that Rudy " likes to get under people's skin and then he'll dig, he'll pick at you, pick at you, and then he's won."

So in. Can't wait. Orphan Black returns April 18th on BBC America.

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