Here is the first ever official glimpse at Neil Blomkamp's next film Chappie. We don't know much about this project other than it's a comedy about a robot, it will feature zef-style duo Die Antwoord, and will once again re-team Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley. But this poster certainly looks promising.

The gigantic banner hanging at San Diego Comic-Con was spotted by Collider, and here's a better look.

Looks like the robot fancies itself part of the family, or at least the robot kid of two human parents. Also the "Y" and the "N" on the t-shirts of the (possible) human stick figures seems to imply that this is Chappie's depiction of Ninja and Yolandi (the duo from Die Antwoord). Now that's an interesting bit of information.


Blomkamp has stated that Chappie was "basically based on" the short film Tetra Vaal which will provide a few more clues... maybe. For more detailed shots of the poster head over to Collider.