First Look At Moon And Sam Rockwell's Slipping Sanity

Sam "Zaphod" Rockwell furrows his brow in the first pic from Moon, directed by David Bowie's son Duncan Jones (aka Zowie Bowie). This picture shows a bit more of the film's lonely "lost in space" plot centering around Rockwell's character Sam Bell, who's stuck on a moon alone for three years and has a life-changing personal experience. From the look of his beard and hair, it looks like Bell is passing the 2 year mark. Click through to see Moon's new poster - and the old movie poster it rips off.


Here's the new poster, plus the poster for Mimic. Notice any similarities?

In Moon, Sam Bell is a contract miner who's been sent to the moon Selene for 3 years to harvest an important gas that will end Earth's energy problems. Bell is a troubled man with a short temper, but the last 3 years have taught him how to control his emotions. At the end of his time Bell is excited to return home and see his wife and daughter. But towards towards the end of his stay he starts seeing and hearing things. Bell discovers that the company he's working for, Lunar, plans on replacing him in its own fashion, and it sounds like cloning or time travel is afoot.

[Quiet Earth]

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