When new episodes of The Flash return on March 17th, they'll be introducing a plethora of villains, including a new Weather Wizard, the Golden Glider, and even the first appearance of the Trickster. But nothing beats finally seeing the debut/return of Mark Hamill as the original Trickster!


In case you don't know, Hamill played the Trickster in the 1990 Flash TV series. In this new series, he's playing a guy who was still running around as the Trickster in the 1990s — just in a world prior to the Flash's arrival — and eventually caught and incarcerated. A young copycat played by Devon Graye takes up the criminal's brightly colored mantle, but it's clear the original Trickster still has plans of his own.

The best part of all this? In the episode, as this promo clearly shows, the show will be using stills of Hamill in costume from the classic Flash TV show as evidence of his former criminal career. Awesome. Seriously, if there's not a scene of Hamill and original Flash John Wesley Shipp meeting in jail at some point, I will... hell, I'm not going to stop watching. This show has me completely hooked, and Gorilla Grodd hasn't even shown up yet. But I will be very slightly disappointed!


[Via Warming Glow]

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