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First Look At HBO's New Westworld Series Looks Crazy Good

Holy crap, three seconds of HBO's rebooted television adaptation Westworld just got us insanely excited. This show could be really, really fun and weird — and that's great!


HBO just released a video roundup of their year, which included glimpses of their new television series, and in it was a sneak peek at Jonathan Nolan's (Person of Interest, Interstellar) Westworld. The premise is taken from the 1973 Michael Crichton movie of the same name, set in the near future in an adult-themed amusement park populated with androids that will set up any scenario the paying human customers want. The most popular scenario is the Wild Wild West set-up, which originally starred legendary actor Yul Brynner as a malfunctioning robot/cowboy that decides to turn on his human captors.

The new series will be different, but we're not sure how. Clearly they are keeping the all-important Western element of the series (and that's great). Also, the HBO cast is insane. It stars Anthony Hopkins (as the head of the adult entertainment park), Evan Rachel Wood, and Ed Harris (who will be portraying the robot gunslinger originally portrayed by Brynner). And here's a look at Harris now!


And below is another Western set-up, up at the top we're obviously seeing something very different. Possibly the behind-the-scenes operations at the park. Perhaps the creation of a robot? Looks very muscular.

Another image was released (below) via Entertainment Weekly along with an interview with showrunner Jonathan Nolan. Nolan was pretty mum on details of the new series, but he did say this:

"What we can tell you is that we intend to make the most ambitious, subversive, f–ked-up television series... The things that keep you up at night, any of those things that trouble you—that is exactly what the show is about."


In. So In.

Illustration for article titled First Look At HBOs New iWestworld/i Series Looks Crazy Good

Here's the full HBO promo reel if you want to check it out.

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Well shit,...looks like I am watching it then....

Subversive...I am calling it now...the staff is already dead, and the guests are trapped...(perhaps robotphcyalpse/regular apocalypse happens outside the park while they are in there?)