First look at David Tennant's version of Fright Night

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Clearly we're in for a whole new kind of rebooted Fright Night. Get an eye-full of the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, channeling his best Criss Angel.

Thanks to the keen eyes of Slashfilm, feast your eyes and souls on the new, more guylinery David Tennant. If you remember the original Fright Night vampire movie, Roddy McDowall's version of Peter Vincent was a lot more tweedy. This character reboot has David Tennant playing a cheese-ball Vegas magician. No doubt he will use this platform to tell the world that he can connect with the "dark side," specifically vampires. Or maybe he's pretending to be a vampire on stage — from the looks of that beard, it's possible. Anyway, when a frightened teen, Anton Yelchin, runs into a REAL vampire, Colin Farrell, Tennants character is the one he turns to for help. And it doesn't go so well, naturally.

The image itself appears to be an advertisement for character Vincent's show Hard Rock Cafe. To see the full-blown ad go to Slashfilm.

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OK, second class vampire movies are being remade... we are digging deep for more shit to suck the blood out in the wake of - you know - the movies we don't talk about.