First Look At David Tennant As The Purple Man In AKA Jessica Jones!

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Could Agents of SHIELD be setting up Civil War? Watch a new Avengers: Age of Ultron clip! Rahul Koli teases what's ahead for Ravi on iZombie. Melisandre has plans for Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. Plus, teasers for what's to come on Arrow, Last Man on Earth, and more. Spoilers await!

Top image: Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Suicide Squad

Filming has begun under the name Bravo 14. [via CBR]


San Andreas

Ray uses a helicopter to save Emma from a collapsing skyscraper in this MTV exclusive clip.


Mashable has an exclusive featurette looking at the movie's connections to Walt Disney.


Jurassic World

/Film has a roundup of promo pictures for the film, including this previously unseen poster.


Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The cast and crew discuss the presence of Ultron in this new featurette. [ Coming Soon]

Speaking of Ultron, watch the Avengers confront him and the Maximoff siblings in this new clip. [ Coming Soon]

Agents Of SHIELD

Jeffrey Bell discusses how current conflicts on the show are setting up the ideological differences seen in Captain America: Civil War:

We already brought that notion up. Skye has powers and in episode 11 Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) was going, "I always supported him, but now I'm not so sure. All our chasing has led to death and destruction." She's reevaluating her stance. Internally, we're having that same debate. If there weren't super-powered people doing bad things, we wouldn't need super-powered people doing good things. I think that's just good conflict within our team. Then you have the larger version of that which is Gonzales and his team who have been attacked by an enhanced person. If you have a bad experience with one enhanced person then you're suddenly profiling all enhanced people and saying it's bad. There are a lot of good metaphors here especially when we head into the Inhuman world about people being different, about people changing, how others react to that and how they are controlled. We have had an index since season one of people who have powers or might have and put them on a gifted index list. That's certainly alive in our world. Some people think that's a good thing while others find that to be a terrifying idea.


[ THR]

Episode 2.20 will be called "Scars". The season finale will combine episodes 21 and 22 as a two hour feature. [ Spoiler TV]



Rahul Koli talks about Ravi's desire to find a cure for the Zombie plague:

Ravi's first step is to find the origins of the infection and what caused it. We know there was a tainted batch of Utopium, but there were other ingredients and things that were a catalyst for it. What happened at the Washington Lake Massacre was the first step and Ravi's kind of procedure is to try and recreate those circumstances. He tries to understand what happened and then recreate what happened and then ultimately try and cure it.

What does finding a cure actually mean?

I think he's trying to accomplish a full reversal.

[ Buddy TV]

Here's some promo pictures from "Virtual Reality Bites". [ Spoiler TV]


Daredevil/Marvel Netflix

Jeph Loeb discusses the company's approach to adapting a small corner of the MCU for TV:

Well, the philosophy — we didn't have to look very far. Down the hall, there's this movie studio called Marvel Studios, which is separate from us but really gave us the inspiration for what it was. Because when you look at Iron Man and Hulk and Thor and Captain America — those are very different kinds of movies, and yet they all feel very Marvel. It enabled you to meet the characters on their own, have that kind of history, that mythology in your life, and also fall in love with each one of those characters. And then, put them together into the Avengers.

So this is the same kind of idea: "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones," "Luke Cage," "Iron Fist" will all feel like they're of a same piece, but at the same token, they're very different stories, very different heroes, very different approaches as to what it is they're going to be doing.


[ CBR]

The Last Man On Earth

Mary Steenburgen talks joining the show:

Gail and Erica have clearly known each other for awhile now. Will we learn more about that friendship, or at this point is it more about assimilating them into the cul de sac?

I think it’s more the latter, although there’s definitely implications that they’re relationship was more than just friendship in some ways [Laughs] because they thought they were the last two people on Earth and they decided, you know, to have fun. [Laughs] …Mainly in this show, the past is the past and people are trying to get on with their new world. It’s less about looking back.

Will Gail be as quick to forgive Phil for his lies as Carol was, following his apology?

No, I don’t think so. [Laughs] I don’t want to spoil things for the future, but Gail’s a pretty strong character. She’s not naive. She’s also in a different place about Phil than Carol is. Carol’s honestly more vulnerable to Phil than Gail can ever be. Gail’s really interested in survival and her fairly hedonistic pursuits, so Phil just represents a man to her, at least in the beginning. Again, I don’t want to give stuff away that happens, but I just think that Carol and Gail are two different people as far as their relationships to Phil are concerned.


[ TV Line]


Brandon Routh talks about how Ray's relationship with Felicity will evolve going forward:

Well, Ray definitely becomes a bigger part of Team Arrow in the "Flash" crossover. He's living in denial, to a degree, with the whole Felicity walking out on him after he said, "I love you." Through the course of the next few episodes, he's able to see Oliver and Felicity interacting and kind of comes to terms a little bit more with their path together, becomes a little more uncertain of Ray and Felicity's future together. I think he, at least, comes to a more mature understanding of the true relationship that Oliver and Felicity have had and sees the connection that they seem to still have.


[ CBR]

Here's a dialogue teaser for "Broken Arrow":


And here are two new posters of Arrow and Arsenal. [ CBR]



Lotte Verbeek teases what's in store for Geillis:

For my character particularly, Geillis, she's going to be really surprising. You're going to see a side of her you haven't seen before. Things are going to heat up quite a bit.


[ E Online]

The Messengers

Trey Callaway sets up the show:

This is the story of five, ultimately, perhaps more, characters who are different ages, different walks of life, spread around the world, who would otherwise have never crossed paths with each other if destiny hadn’t intervened. The one thing that they all have in common is they’re all at severe periods of crisis in their lives, no matter what different kinds of forms that might take.

Then, as you saw from the pilot, a meteor strikes Earth and in that moment, they all drop dead where they stand only to come back to life a few minutes later with an awareness that something is different. […] They don’t fully understand the circumstances of why until Episode 2, when destiny pulls them together largely through the character of Rose who we’ll get to know a lot more [about] in Episode 2 and beyond.


[ CBR]

Person Of Interest

Spoiler TV has a roundup of news from the show's PaleyFest panel:

1. NO RENEWAL YET, not in their hands but confident

2. Westworld + Foundation projects are in works for Jonah Nolan on HBO

3. Jim appears to not be making a film this hiatus, and to be honest he probably needs a break.

4. Most of the storyline questions seemed to be deferred to Greg, which shows that Jonah is truly busy but still has a major hand in overall direction of the show.

5. To support the show (US/CAN viewers), watch the show on DVR within 7 days and watch the commercials. If you watch it live, watch it again on DVR and just let it play to get count up.

6. Sarah Shahi will be back when she is ready to come back, no time before. So unknown.

7. One of the AIs is not making it out alive in the finale

Game Of Thrones

Carice van Houten offers a little teaser for Melisandre's role in the show:

I had a lot more to do and a little more of an arc, and you'll see things that you haven't really seen before. You've seen that I'm interacting with Jon Snow. [Stannis and I] need him. We're stronger now because we have an army and it looks like we have a chance to get on the throne. But we might need Jon Snow to do that.


[ E Online]

AKA Jessica Jones

Here's a set picture showing David Tennant filming a scene as Zebediah Killgrave, a.k.a The Purple Man. He does not appear to have the comic book character's trademark purple skin-tone, but that could be something that's added at a later point in the story — or through post-processing. [via CBR]


For more photos from the AKA Jessica Jones set, including our first look at Mike Colter as Luke Cage, head over to Radio Times and Getty Images. The Radio Times also tweeted one image:


Penny Dreadful

Here's a trio of new promos. [ Shock Till You Drop]

The Flash

Finally, here's some promo pictures from "The Trap". [Spoiler TV]


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